Concentration is very important for everyone who wants to live a healthy and peaceful life.
Without concentration, your life will be chaotic, and you will not be able to manage your tasks or
live a peaceful life. Also, without concentration, you cannot manage stress, anxiety, and these
can become mental health problems. So, from this, we learned that concentration is very
important for humans. Now, the question is how do you concentrate. There are a few things that
can help you to concentrate better and nothing helps more than Pranayama exercises.

What is Pranayama?
If you are not aware of the concept of pranayama, then don’t worry. It is a simple breathing
exercise but in a more controlled manner. The original concept of the Pranayama comes from
Yoga and meditation. You can think of the Pranayama is a yogic breathing exercise that allows
the person who is doing the Pranayama exercise to enjoy the benefit of increased concentration
among others.
Pranayama is more than just a breathing exercise, it not only helps you breathe better but also
helps you on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. When you are inhaling and exhaling
according to the given specification of Pranayama, you will find yourself in a trance phase.
Where you can lose all of your worries, sorrows, and stresses and become relaxed. So, it helps
you become more relaxed, and peaceful. Once you are relaxed, your mind releases certain
chemicals to make you feel good and active. This is how you get better concentration after
doing pranayama breathing exercises.

How does Pranayama help In Concentration?
The human mind needs relaxation and in this high-speed world, nobody has the proper time to
sit back and relax. This makes our minds more stressed and creates conditions such as fatigue,
anxiety, and because of these two, you lose your concentration. In simple words, your mind is
too busy dealing with your stress that it cannot concentrate properly on anything else. So, the
only way to get your concentration back is by removing that stress.
Now, when you do a pranayama breathing exercise, you close your eyes and focus on your
breathing. Your mind becomes relaxed and releases dopamine and other certain chemicals to
make you feel relaxed and good. When that happens, you are relieved of your stress and
anxieties, and now your mind has no distraction. This is how you develop focus and

Best Pranayama Exercises For Concentration:

There are a lot of ways to do the pranayama exercises. Here is a list of the top 5 best
pranayama exercises for concentration.

  1. Sama Vritti (Even Breath):
    The Sama Vritti which is also known as even breathing is one of the best exercises for
    relaxation and gaining concentration. So, if you are suffering from concentration issues, this is
    the best exercise that you should do. This is a breathing exercise where you take even breaths
    as the name suggests. To do the Sama Vritti, you will have to follow a pattern of steps. You
    should start with a 5 counts inhalation, and 2 counts of hold, then five counts of exhalation, and
    two counts of hold. You should repeat these steps at least 10 times in one sitting. This will help
    you get your strength and concentration back.
  2. Ujjayi (Victorious Breath):
    The word Ujjayi here means the victorious breath. It is a calm and peaceful breath with victory in
    mind. Think of it as the proud breath that you take when everything goes right or according to
    the plan. When you are doing this exercise, your breathing will make a slight noise when air
    passes through your nose and gets in your lungs and when it comes out. In this exercise, the
    inhalation and exhalation have four counts with one count of stop between them. You should
    repeat this exercise at least ten times in one sitting.
  3. Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath):
    This is one of the most common yogic breathing exercises and also one of the most popular
    breathing techniques. In this technique, you keep one of your nostrils close while breathing and
    breathe through only one. After that, you close the other and breathe with one that was closed
    earlier. This technique has multiple benefits over other techniques and that is why it is more
    common. To do this exercise, you will have to cover one of your nostrils, inhale and exhale
    using the other and repeat ten times.
  4. Viloma 1 (Interrupted Inhales):
    The Viloma 1 is an interrupted inhale breathing exercise in Pranayama that allows you to do
    modified breathing. It changes your breathing pattern, hence allowing your mind to be free from
    obstructions. Also, it helps you concentrate more. It is an easy to do exercise as it only requires
    doing inhaling for two counts, pausing, again inhaling, then pausing and exhaling.
  5. Viloma 2 (Interrupted Exhales):
    This exercise is the opposite of interrupted inhaling. Here you will start with a normal inhaling
    process. After that, you will take a two count pause, and release, stop and release again. This
    exercise should be repeated about 10 times.
    Where to learn the Practice of Pranayama For Concentration?

As you learned from the paragraphs above, the pranayama has benefits for concentration
enhancement. Also, it offers relaxation, provides more oxygen to your body, and helps in
coordinated breathing. But, if you want to get all of these benefits, you will have to learn about
doing the Pranayama in the right way. There are a lot of places that teach pranayama online
and offline. One of the best places for learning Pranayama is the Arhanta Yoga Ashram.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the largest and most popular online yoga ashrams that provides
multiple types of yoga and meditation training. So, if you want to learn about pranayama and its
benefits and ways to practice it, you should take their classes and learn from some of the best
and most experienced teachers in the world. After that, you will be able to practice pranayama
for concentration.

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