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Many thought leaders believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will make the world a better place. AI/ML technologies are used in many fields, but their overall power remains underutilized. Genius Ventures is a company that aims to maximize the use of these technologies by harnessing the power of blockchain. The cherry on top — they want to make the entire process fun by letting participants play video games. Here’s how.

Genius Tokens Are at the Heart of the Ecosystem

Imagine requiring AI or ML technology to process a large amount of data in your system. Enter Genius Ventures.

To use the AI/ML services offered by this company, you need to make a payment. After that, your data will be encrypted and transferred to a distributed ledger. Of course, you can choose to keep the data in your storage. In that case, it will go through secure SSL encryption.

What comes next makes all the difference.

Genius features games and apps that can process AI data using blockchain. Everyone who installed one of the games or apps is an individual node, providing computing power to support the AI/ML technology. In other words, your data will be processed by AI/ML, powered by thousands of people having fun while playing games.

After your data is processed, there’s a validation process to check that everything went alright. Your AI-processed data is finally returned to you.

So, what happens with the money you paid for this service? Your payment is converted to Genius Tokens, and 70% of them will be distributed to people who played the games and gave their computing power to help you out. Moreover, 20% will go to the publisher who launched the game or the app played during data processing. Finally, Genius Ventures receives the last 10%. Players who earned Genius Tokens can convert them to other cryptocurrencies or use them to make in-app purchases.

More on Genius Token (GNUS) 

Genius Token (GNUS) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that recently entered the presale period. GNUS isn’t listed in any major exchanges at the moment, but you can obtain the tokens on Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Here’s how tokens are allocated:

  • 59% will be distributed during the Initial Coin Offering
  • 15% goes to the team behind the Genius Ventures project
  • 5% is for the bounty and overhead
  • 3% is for partners and advisors
  • 18% goes to the reserves


The official Genius Ventures site features a roadmap with everything the team did so far with the platform.

It started with game development back in 2018, when the idea about this project was born. More than two years later, in October 2020, the team began developing a fast blockchain solution. In 2021, the team concludes working on a slow blockchain solution and connecting it to Ethereum’s dapps.

All in all, the stage is set for this ambitious project to take off, and the ongoing ICO is just one of the many planned stages for the future. If all goes well, Genius Ventures might become the next big thing in the AI and blockchain spheres, as it features some world-changing ideas, especially for gamers worldwide, who would get an opportunity to earn tokens doing what they love.

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