Here are some basic eating rules that everyone can follow for a healthy life

Food only when hungry:

There are two types of hunger; we have normal and abnormal hunger. Normal hunger was given to us naturally to make us active enough to get food. Normal hunger begs for food, but there is no special type of food. Satisfied with anything clean and nutritious. It is strong enough to make a definite need for food, but if there is no food to be found it will satisfy you right now with a glass of water and will not cause much disruption. Unusual hunger is completely different. It is a persistent craving for food and when dissatisfied it produces physical discomfort like a headache. Erosion remains and does not give the patient rest. Especially it should be cleaned. It requires a special type of diet, and if not satisfied the results maybe panic, weakness or headache, etc.

When loss of appetite causes discomfort, this is always a sign of a deteriorating or deteriorating body. A healthy person can stay a day without food and without interruption. He feels a strong urge to eat at mealtimes, but as soon as he decides he won’t get it or won’t take it, the hunger goes away. Normal hunger is a slave. Unusual hunger is a severe king.

Living in the water during a severe illness or fasting:

This law is against the teachings of men in medicine. They teach that when people get sick there is a lot of waste, which is true, and that for this reason, they need to eat a large amount of nutritious food, so they provide milk, broth, meat, etc., and supplements. . Feeding during an illness would be good if the body could not take care of the food, which it could not. In all serious illnesses, digestion almost stops or stops and food supplied under these conditions decomposes in the digestive tract and releases more toxins for the system to excrete. And eating under such conditions is dangerous and burdensome for the body.

At high temperatures, the temperature rises after breastfeeding. This shows that there is poison in the blood. At high temperatures, there is little or no fluid, but the alimentary tract is so warm that food decomposes quickly. Feeding during an outbreak is one of the worst and most deadly mistakes. There is an abhorrence of food, which is a natural request for nothing to be taken.

An incurable disease is usually caused by a serious, neglected illness, sometimes as a result of abnormal formations and health errors that have not caused serious problems. While suffering from a chronic illness, a person may be relieved, but never equal. Many chronic illnesses can be treated quickly by taking fasting, but in most cases, complete fasting is not necessary. An appetite for food is not always lacking and often has a positive effect on digestion. One of the most satisfying, if not the most satisfactory, ways to treat chronic illness is to reduce food intake, and instead of providing a concentrated basic diet of many sugary vegetables and fresh, cooked, and uncooked fruit is used. but less meat, bread, potatoes, and sugar. This will give the body a chance to get rid of the impurities. There is always a lot of dirt on the crazy (crippled) body.

Balance of diet:

 Simplification is a great help in balance. It is necessary to use a conservative measure of self-control. By exercising self-control, you can avoid getting sick. By using energy every day it becomes stronger and those who force themselves to be balanced in the first place, are eventually rewarded for having balance in their second nature. People should stop eating before when they are full. Those who eat and feel uncomfortable are greedy. And they should be considered drunkards and drug addicts. If discomfort after a meal, it is a sign of overeating.

Promote good nutrition:

Food should be well-balanced and lightly digested or digested juices will not be used properly. The stomach has muscles and moves food, it helps digestion, but it cannot replace teeth. All food should be thoroughly cleaned. During the blast, the saliva comes in contact with the food. In the saliva, there is ptyalin, which begins to digest starch. Starch and nuts need to be completely immersed. If it were a law of purity, meatballs would be few and far between, for if the meat was chewed properly, it would cause nausea.

a. Milk is best digested if it is kept in the mouth long enough to mix with saliva. Treating milk as a beverage is a mistake, as it is a very nutritious food.

b. All kinds of nuts should be properly grown. Otherwise, they cannot be digested properly, as digestive organs cannot break large pieces of solid nutmeg food.

c. Sweet vegetables contain a lot of starch. When the extraction is done slowly it usually tends to ferment enough to produce more gas.

d. Fruits are usually eaten very quickly, so they often produce side effects. Even raw fruits can be eaten without punishment if they are properly chopped.

e. Those who prefer excessive alcohol consumption should drink very little of their alcohol, tasting each drop before swallowing, and this will greatly reduce their alcohol intake.

f. Water should also not be charged. Instead, it should be taken lightly, especially on hot days. When it is hot, most people drink a lot of water. Often this tendency can be overcome by avoiding frozen water and drinking water slowly.

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