Kids’ rooms are colorful and funky. They get attracted to vibrant colors and patterns. For designing a nursery, everything is accessories with toys, colors, and flowers. But with creating walls, floors also need to be soft and colorful. Rugs are an essential part of nursery rooms. But getting a rug for your kid’s nursery is not an easy task. Kids are fragile and more prone to allergies and sickness. With the selection of colors and themes, you also have to keep in mind material that is safe to use and non-allergenic. Getting the right material is the main thing in nursery rooms rug hunt. Here we discuss some rug materials that will help you make your child’s nursery safe, healthy, and cozy.

The Right Material

Natural or synthetic fibers? Wool or jute? Cotton or sisal? There is a lot of rug material to choose from, depending on your priorities and room style. Before going towards the material, we are discussing some important points to observe in the material. 

  • Non-allergenic material is a must.
  • It should be textured and comfortable.
  • It should be easy to clean and wash.
  • Durable material is best.

Now the main point is which material possesses all or some of these qualities? Here we discuss some kid’s rugs material that is considered nursery room friendly. 


Wool rugs are fantastic for your nursery room. They possess all the qualities that you expect in a perfect rug material. Wool is very healthy and safe to use in kids’ rooms because it doesn’t cause allergies or irritation in children’s sensitive skin. It also keeps them cozy, warm, comfy, and stylish too! If you have a baby who crawls around, wool is the best material for rugs because it has natural non-slip properties. It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly too! Wool is the safest material for kids’ rugs, so if you want to buy a healthy rug material for your nursery room without any doubt, go with wool.


Cotton is another great choice for children’s rooms because natural fibers make it super soft and easy on delicate skin. It doesn’t cause allergies or irritations either. Cotton nursery room rugs are very easy to find in the market these days. They are available in different colors, designs, prints, etc., perfect for nursery rooms. Cotton material is also machine washable, which makes it easier to keep clean and tidy.


Most people assume that synthetic materials are not safe, but it is a wrong idea. There are some good quality polypropylene rugs available in the market which can be used as kids’ rugs and playmats, too, because they have natural non-slip properties and softness, making them perfect for the kids’ rooms. Many synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon, etc., also create nursery room rugs for kids today. Most of these types do not come cheap because they don’t last long and need to be replaced regularly, unlike wool or cotton material floor coverings.


The sisal material is made from the sisal plants, which are found in places like Africa. This plant has strong fibers that grow very fast, and it takes only months to create good quality rugs out of this plant fiber. The natural color of the sisal nursery room rug is gray or brownish-white, but if you choose a colored one, then they come with plenty of colors and designs to choose from. Sisal is a good choice as it creates an excellent nursery room rug material. It has many advantages like those made from wood flooring, which is way more durable than cotton or wool materials but still very similar in looks and appearance with normal carpets that use the same supplies. It’s extremely soft underfoot, but it’s also very strong.


The next is jute, which is a plant fiber made from the jute plant. It comes in many styles and designs that you can select whatever your nursery room rug style or design should be like, for example, contemporary, classic traditional, etc. Adding some art pieces by using this kind of material to your house will also create an excellent and unique look. Jute also has a soft and sheen surface appearance. Jute is also very good in durability, stain resistance, and antibacterial properties, which is amazing. It has a natural look in any room you put this kind of rug on but will last for many years ahead because of its strength compared to cotton or wool area rugs making jute the perfect choice on this matter.


Nylon is the strongest type of rug material you can ever find on the market. This kind of rug is very durable, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant, which makes it good for nursery room rugs. It has a silky smooth surface that goes excellent on any flooring or decorating style but mostly looks best in contemporary places because of its shiny properties. This rug material comes in many different colors, shapes, and designs, making it amazing for nursery room rugs. It’s easy to maintain, but you can not wash this kind of rugby machine or dry clean it because high heat will damage the nylon fibers making them prone to melting together that may cause a big hole in your rug.


The rug material that is good for nursery room rugs in terms of comfort, safety, and durability is the acrylic rug material. Acrylic has a nice feel that goes excellent on any flooring or decorating style but mostly looks best in contemporary places because of its shiny properties. This rug material comes in many different colors, shapes, and designs so that you can go wild with it. Acrylics are easy to maintain, and they do not fade easily, so even if the sun hits your rug every day, this material will still hold its color for many years without having to have it replaced often. 


This is the soft and most comfortable rug material. It is also known as Olefin and has a unique feel, almost like silk, even though we all know that’s not the case. This material can come in various colors and designs so that you won’t find any problem with this either. However, compared to acrylics, polyesters are less durable, but they are easier to clean and maintain.

In the End

Your kids are very important to you, so you should choose a rug material that will be safe for them too. It should not have any chemical materials or substances because this can cause allergies and other health problems, especially if your kids are still very young. The good thing about these materials is that they are not very pricey, so you can buy as many rugs as your kids need at RugKnots. They have every rug available at affordable rates.

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